Photo Contest!

Here are some favorite photos from our members that were submitted for a photo contest.  They are listed here randomly.  Who gets the bragging rights?  YOU decide. 🙂  Here’s how you vote:

Submit your faves for any or all categories:

1.  Female Caregiver and child

2.  Male Caregiver and child

3.  Child and doll

Either comment on the blog below or send them to the group e-mail at

Example:  Male Caregiver 20, Child 12….

Please note, female Caregiver 14, 15, and 16, and Male Caregiver 11 were added in after we started, if you want to change your answers, just let me know. thanks 🙂

If you submitted a photo to me and I missed it, please send me an e-mail to let me know. 🙂


27 thoughts on “Photo Contest!

  1. Julie Vieux

    I of course love ours! Female CG 6, Male CG 5

  2. Heather

    Tough to choose … But I go for Female CG 8, Child 2 and Male 4.


  3. Janelle

    Love all the pics but I’ll vote for female 7(love the snuggles), child 2(they look like they’re off an a super hero mission with babies) and male 4(how can you resist a baby wearing and cooking guy!)

  4. maryhaas

    Female 2, Child 2, and Male 6. Adorable!

  5. Laura

    Female 4, Child 1, Male 1

  6. Zulyna

    Male 2, Female 5

  7. Mandi

    female 4, child 4, and male 7

  8. Rachel Urso

    I love how in so many pics we are snuggly and kissing our babies! Female 13, child 6, male 1.

  9. Cari Arrieta

    I say female 11, child 2, and male 4 🙂 good luck everyone!!

  10. hyacynth

    Female 10, Child 6 and Male 6. 🙂 All are LOVELY!

  11. John

    Female Caregiver: 5, Male Caregiver: 2, Child:1. It is really hard to pick a child, they are all so adorable.

  12. Jennifer

    Female CG5 and Male CG2 and Child 2

  13. Rebecca

    Female CG 4 – Child 2 – Male 4

  14. Kristie

    Female 7, Child 1, male 7. These are all great photos though!

  15. Amy

    I love Female CG 7 and Male CG 10!!! The female’s picture was amazing and fit the “babywearing” look so well…peaceful and calm (baby and mom)!

  16. Brianna

    Female caregiver 7 – is absolutely beautiful and priceless!
    Male 10
    child 7

  17. ccknox

    Female 4 Child 5 Male 6

  18. Jennifer

    You missed my pictures that I sent!

    1. hlmagrow

      Hi Jennifer, I got your e-mail. It looks like you sent it to the international address to be added into their contest! I’lll add you into ours too after I get the kids to school. Thanks!

  19. Ela Abdul Grajnert

    female caregiver 9, child 1, male caregiver 4

  20. Victoria

    Darn, mine didn’t come up!

    1. hlmagrow

      Hi Victoria! Did you maybe send yours to the international contest too? (the one that needed to be submitted by 10/1)? I double checked last night and couldn’t find any missing ones. your an resend to and I’ll add you on Thanks! Heather

  21. Jon

    Female CG 7 and MLe CG 1

  22. RachelD

    Female CG 10, Child 6, Male CG 8

  23. Darlene

    Female 6 male 1 child 6

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