IBW Bash 2018 Silver Sponsor Highlight: Cute Awaking

IMG_20180107_224841 - Cute Awaking
About Cute Awaking:
In 2014, we were graced with the addition of our fourth child.
With his arrival, I dove into babywearing, and fell in love with the culture.
Who wouldn’t love the extra snuggle time and the added ability to get things done at the same time?!

Creating custom buckle onbuhimo and reverse onbuhimo, as well as mesh water ring slings and mesh water onbuhimo.
PicsArt_08-06-05.36.06 - Cute Awaking
$170.00 towards a custom conversion onbuhimo with your wrap, or you can choose to use it towards an in stock ready made, or towards an in stock fabric conversion.
PicsArt_01-27-07.29.51 - Cute Awaking

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