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The Boppy Story

The Story of the Little Pillow that Created a Mighty Brand

It was 1989 in Evergreen, CO, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where Susan Brown, mom and inventor, created a product to help solve a problem. Little did she know her product and brand would become a household name throughout the world. It all began when she received a request from her daughter’s daycare. The daycare asked parents to make pillows that could support babies when they were not being held. After a few prototypes, the Original Boppy® Pillow was born!
Three decades later and with a full team of 27 employees, the Boppy® Feeding and Infant Support Pillow is still supporting moms, dads, grandparents and babies. Word of mouth picked up quickly and the good news traveled, the Boppy Pillow became the essential must-have item for every parent because of its comfort and versatility.
Encouraged by happy moms, dads and babies, we expanded our family of products to include travel accessories, prenatal and postnatal support. Proud of our heritage and Boppy community throughout all of our office employees, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers, we pride ourselves on developing products that support families.
Each Boppy product is created with passion, precision and pride. Materials are sourced through our socially responsible facilities before transforming into your beloved Boppy must-haves. Products must exceed all safety standards and pass inspection before we are satisfied.
While producing amazing products to support parenthood is what we do, we also want to do our part to give back. It is important for us to empower, support and educate Mom throughout her journey of motherhood. We envision a better world for all Momkind. Thanks to you and the other millions of parents out there we have been able to support thousands of families in need, specifically military families, through in-kind donations.
Stay tuned as we continue to support parents everywhere in their new stage of life.
We are: Makers. Dreamers. Inventors. Comfort Enthusiasts. Supporters of all Moms & Dads. Baby Lovers. We are just like you.


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