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Seasons of Change

The Early Days As Colleen and I (Heather) retire and step down from BWI of Chicagoland, we’ve both been reflecting on what a phenomenal journey we’ve been on, from learning to use our first carriers, to learning to wear toddlers and preschoolers, to learning to spread the love, and meet so many new and veteran…

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Winter Babywearing in Chicago

(Note:  The original post content is courtesy of our former leader Katie, who originally wrote it up for BabyCenter/BBC, and gave permission to post it here.  The photos are courtesy of our group.) The weather is getting cold, and suddenly you are wondering how to keep baby warm. How many layers should you use? How…

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Last Call for Fundraising Raffles!

Raffles, Raffles, Raffles! Why are we fundraising and doing some raffles right now? We are a volunteer run organization. We don’t pay ourselves for time, for gas, or other incidentals. We use this money primarily to get new carriers for the lending library, whether it is to buy something used, something new that a company…

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Thanks for celebrating with us!

Celebrate! This past week was about being able to celebrate.   Celebrating by spreading the “love” and sharing how your life is made easier by using carriers.  Celebrating through socializing, and enjoying each other’s company.  Celebrating by capturing those moments on film.  Celebrating and trying something new, like a ballet class with a child in…

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Raffles, Door Prizes, and Fundraisers, OH MY!!!

We can’t tell you about all the fun goodies that are being handed out or raffled off this week without thanking all the supporters for our group.  Being able to celebrate together at wonderful locations, with fun prizes (and fundraising options), learning with great library carriers, is all possible BECAUSE of the folks and companies…

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Thank you for the Goodies!

We’re gearing up for International Babywearing Week (IBW), and life is pretty hectic for our group right now.  We actually have 9 events planned over 6 days next week!  Can you believe it?  All of our events are listed on our blog calendar HERE.  And we did a preliminary post HERE.  We have gotten two…