Our group has calendar’s in two places. Here and on our Closed Facebook group page. This calendar’s purpose is to get our event list easily available for the public.

We do RSVP’s on our Facebook page. Why:

  • Lets us know how we are doing at setting up meetings and choosing space properly for meetings.
  • Lets us know if we need to have an additional leaders if one is sick.
  • Allows attendees to request thing to try or specify what help they need.
  • Decreases the workload on our volunteer leadership team.
  • Allows leaders to quickly notify attendees if there is an emergency cancellation or change.
  • Provides an easy place to contact leaders regarding questions before or for follow up after meetings .

We do our best to keep this calendar and our Facebook calendar synced and are working on making this a seamless process…but in the mean time please forgive if we miss something!

0 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Jessica

    I see there’s a BabyWearing class scheduled at BeByBaby on Sunday 5.5 from 11:30-1:30pm. I’d like to RSVP with a guest.

  2. Laura Perry

    Hello, I would like to learn how to babywear. My son is 4 weeks old but I am VERY busty. I hope you can help. Excited to come to the April 12 meeting.

    1. ccknox

      Emailed you this morning. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

  3. Colleen Cushing

    I have a 3 1/2 month old and a 2.5 year old. I am trying to find the best carrier for the baby and I am having a hard time. Would the May 7th meeting be something that would be useful for me? I have bought and returned 2 already!

    1. Colleen Knox

      Colleen, please Email me at so I can get more info and hopefuly get you to the right place and carrier!

  4. Elise

    I would like to RSVP for Saturday, June 29th at the Schaumburg Library. I haven’t been added to the group on fb yet. Thanks! Elise

  5. Krystal

    Would love to try a mei tai wrap. My daughterhates carriers except daddy’s mama n papa carrier but its too stiff for me. Will be going to Be By Baby Sunday! Thanks!

  6. Ann

    Are there ever meetings out in the Western burbs? I’m in Naperville, and struggling to find a carrier that my almost 5 month old likes.

    1. ccknox

      Ann, There is another group in your area…have you heard about them yet?

  7. Lauren Scanlan

    I’m planning on attending the meeting today in gurnee with a guest. Is it too late to RSVP?

    1. Colleen

      Just saw this. Please feel free to join us.

  8. Amy

    I am a Chicago babywearer and would love to see some evening or weekend events in Chicago for the Baby Wearing Week in October.

    1. heather magrow

      Amy, we have two daytime events planned for Chicago, with meetup at the beach, and a meetup at Lincoln Park Zoo. Saturday there will be an event in Northbrook, which is easy to get to. If you have ideas for an evening or weekend meet up and would like to plan something, please send us an email at . Thanks!

  9. Alanna J

    I’d like to attend the 10:15 meeting at Be By Baby to work on better using my soft wrap carrier. Please let me know if there is room.


  10. Michelle

    Is there going to be another meeting near Orland Park anytime soon? I missed the meeting in Lockport a few weeks ago & I’m really looking forward to a meeting. I just don’t want to have to drive a hour away.

  11. Angela

    For the Berwyn meeting 11/21, I’m interested in the topics of the ring sling and the wrap. I have a 3week old and want to see which is best for us. Thanks.

  12. amanda

    Interested in the meeting on march 22nd!

  13. Sarah Asselborn

    I plan to attend the meeting tomorrow in Brookfield. Not sure if this is the appropriate way to reply or not. If not can you please direct me to the RSVP page. Thank you.

  14. Christina Torres

    I would like to rsvp to this event ! Looking to find a carrier thats also breastfeeding friendly

  15. Jessica Sandberg

    I am new on this group. I’m very excited to get to know all the mommys. I was wondering if you can please notify me when there is gonna be a meeting at the hospital Swedish Hospital. Thanks

  16. Jodie

    I wanted to rsvp for the event tomorrow, I tried to copy and paste the Facebook l i nk above but it didn’t work:(

  17. Ewa Bolanowski

    When is the next meeting in Schaumburg library?

  18. Emily

    I’ll be at Grayslake 11/17 meeting with my sister. Thanks!

  19. Joyce

    I am interested in the November 21st meeting in Schaumburg. Do I RSVP here and also, is there a way to find out what carriers will be at which meetings? I am relatively new to babywearing and have found the whole thing very overwhelming. However, that’s not to say I’m discouraged. In fact, I am, now more than ever, determined to learn everything about it! I have an 18 month old and another on the way in February. I sent an email over a week ago to the designated email address but I never got any response. Can someone give me more info about how this all works? Thanks so much!

  20. Melissa DeHoyos

    I would like to attend the meeting on May 14th

  21. Ashley

    Hi there. I bought a Sakura bloom sling but would like to learn how to use it better and feel more comfortable leaving my baby in it without still feeling like I need to hold him. Can you suggest a class for me to attend? He’s almost 8 weeks old

  22. Rebecca kessl

    Sorry didn’t get a reminder for the June meeting in berwyn

  23. Sally Chavez

    Do I need to bring my baby with me? Will you be able to go over how to use a Beco Gemini carrier?

  24. Natasha Anderson

    I would like to RSVP for your Chicago city north meeting in the morning at 10, sorry for the late message. I have a linen sleeping baby wrap someone gave to me and need help with it. Also may be interested In Trying some other wraps/carriers that are lightweight good for summer.

  25. Adriana Fernandez

    Can’t find where to rsvp on Facebook. I’m interested in attending the mtg on October 12th. Please advise 🙂

  26. Vipuj

    Hi, just wanted to RSVP for the BWI meeting on Wed, October 12, 10am – 12pm at Academy Of Tae Kwon Do Chicago. Also, I have a 4 week old baby so wanted to try out the wraps for front carry and also no sew ring slings. I plant o become a member of BWI at the meeting and plan to check out a wrap at that time. How can I get in contact with a volunteer to know which wraps are available. Thanks.

  27. Marisol

    Hey, I have never been to any of your classes and am very interested in learning more I plan on being at your 101 class December 2 in Mundelein.

  28. Jessica

    Do we need to RSVP to attends Saturday’s class?

  29. Miriam Schultz

    I’d like to come to the babywearing meeting tomorrow at 10am. I have an ergo carrier I could use assistance for how to wear comfortably with my 5 week old (it’s the one that is adapatable for newborn and on). I’d also be interested in trying out other carriers/wraps to find a good fit for me and my son. Thanks!

  30. Constance White

    I just realized that I missed the meeting in grayslake and was not able to turn in my carrier. What should I do?

  31. kristen

    I’m interested in the 4/29 Chicago Babywearing meeting – looking for some help with plus size carrying. Would that meeting be the right place for this question?

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