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Platinum Sponsor: Sandra Sanchez Photography

Sandra Sanchez is an artist.  She has always loved finding and creating beauty in everything she does.  Not only is she professional photographer but also has experience as a fashion designer, retouching artist and makeup artist which all work together to provide beautiful and artistic photos.  After her son was born, becoming a newborn photographer…


Platinum Sponsor: Moby

Moby (MOther & baBY) was started by parents looking for the perfect baby carrier.  After trying many different wraps and slings, their solution was a variation of a European carrier and the Moby wrap was born.  Since the company started in 2003, they have focused on sharing the benefits of babywearing with parents and caregivers…


Platinum Sponsor: Vaska Home

Vaska (/’vaz-kah/) Verb: to clean with a purpose Vaska was founded in Berkeley, California in 1999 when a fashion designer thought of the formula after an unsuccessful search in finding a laundry detergent that was safe for delicate fabrics, sensitive skin, and the planet. Vaska laundry products don’t contain any nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs), chlorine, phosphates,…



We have some awesome giveaways to share.  Enter to win whichever ones you’d like to win!  All items are free for shipping! Giveaway #1 Enter to win a Silicone Teething Necklace from Chompy Chic Chewlery. You have the choice of one of these two necklaces. The other one will be going towards a prize during…