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Photo Contest!

Here are some favorite photos from our members that were submitted for a photo contest.  They are listed here randomly.  Who gets the bragging rights?  YOU decide. 🙂  Here’s how you vote: Submit your faves for any or all categories: 1.  Female Caregiver and child 2.  Male Caregiver and child 3.  Child and doll Either…

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A World of Possibilities

A world of possibilities.  Hmm.  When I first saw the theme for this year’s International Babywearing Week (IBW), I’ll be honest, I really had no idea what that was supposed to mean.  After I thought about it a little more, I think that it’s supposed to be interpreted individually.  If I’m wrong, I’m sure someone…

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Babywearing from the 3 year old perspective

Sometimes I forget how much babywearing turned from being an “activity” to a normal part of our lifestyle over the past few years.  I was reminded of that by my 3 year old tonight.  Our older son brought home another Star Wars Clone Wars book from the school library today.  We were reading about Ahsoka…


Chicago Meeting Cancelled for Tuesday October 4th!

We’re sorry for the short notice, but tomorrow’s scheduled meeting will be cancelled.  There will still be a get together, but there will be no VBE there.  Two of our members will be there for playdate purposes, if people do show up. We sincerely appologize, but with sickness, kids, and transportation Heather, Colleen, and Tabitha are…

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A World of Possibilities! IBW Week events are underway!

Celebrations Underway this month! International Babywearing Week is quickly approaching, October 10-16th!  We hope you can share this week with us either online or in person!  This has been an exciting and busy year for our little local group.  We’ve had phenomenal growth both at meetings, and online.  We are really thankful for all of the caregivers…